"I have never had so much off the corner acceleration as I have had with this Huggler Racing Engines prepared PRD Fireball!" WAHOO!

Mark Morgan
Central Fabricators, Inc.


We were out for test and tune at IMI for a race next weekend, and the kart
was running strong and turning many heads in the pits. Several IAME and
Rotax drivers stopped by to see the kart that was spanking them on the back
straightaways and all were surprised to see that it was a PRD driven by a
rookie driver. Needless to say I am very pleased with the on-track
performance and power of the motor..

Thanks for your time,

Mike Mayberry

Earlier this year I was faced with a problem that many karters are facing or already have had. That is when stepping up into the TAG Series is what motor package to purchase. After looking at the cost of some of the other motor packages available IAME, ROTAX, SONIC, ROK TT and the PRD Fireball. The PRD Fireball was my choice.
I was a bit leary on how well a $1599.00 engine package would run against other packages that twice or even more than the Fireball.
After a quick break in period we took it to our club and ran it with two other clubs visiting our track and with very little work we took third place. Not bad for our first TAG Race.
Our club race season was 11 races long with one throw away. With just a few minor problems ( none from the motor ) we were able to run a very successful racing season.
Doug I would like to thank you for your professionalism in responding to our part needs and guiding us in the right direction when we needed it. I am looking forward to doing more bussiness with you in many racing seasons to come. This Package should not be overlooked. It is a competetive, inexpensive, reliable, supported engine package that i would like see more of.

From Veloz Racing
Oscar Veloz ( Owner Uncle )
Daniel Veloz ( Crew Chief Dad )

#90 Joshua Veloz
2008 Kinsmen Kart Club ( Dixon Kart Club )
TAG National Cup Champion


Just thought I would let you know how things went last weekend. Finally
got the NEW motor on track. Due to schedule conflicts and crappy
weather I actually had to use the first practice of Sundays race day as a
final break-in session. So I only got about 4 flying practice laps before
the first heat race of the season. Broken starter button and dead battery
forced me to start at the back of the field for the heat as well. I really
had no idea what to expect although I was a little apprehensive starting
in the back of a 22 kart field.
What I found out was that the changes to the motor are awesome! I moved
up through the field and finished 9th (in a 7 lap heat race). I was able
to pull Leopards down the straight and make passes where I was being passed
last year. Stayed with 2 Sonics easily on the straight and even kept last
years class champion behind me - he runs an ROK TT.
Finished 5th in the 2nd heat (borrowed battery and new $6 starter button
from local hardware store), but got caught in major wreck in the feature -
still came back to finish 10th.
I expect with some practice time to get the chassis sorted out, this thing
will be more than competitive. And the old one just was not.
I could not believe the thing pulled all the way to 16K and was still
pulling hard out of the corners even with less gear than last year.
I will keep you posted - and thanks again - first time in a long time I came
away from the track with a smile on my face.
Any news on the road race clutch driver? Sure would be nice to have a
"factory" part.....

Steve Mente

David & I had a great summer of racing. In February we decided to switch from the 100cc Yamaha class over to 125cc TaG class. We decided we couldn not go wrong with the price of the PRD kits since we needed two of them, so we sold all our Yamaha stuff & made the move. It proved to be the right move for us. There was not currently a TaG class competing at Mid State Kart Club so we decided to break the ice and get one going. The speed difference was great as we are now running around 2 seconds faster a lap then before. The competition at the bigger events is greater but we fared pretty well.

We were able to run more events this year as the total between us we raced 23 club races at Mid State Kart Club in Springfield, Illinoisand 8 RT66 Series Races. This year the RT66 series also ran six races, on five different tracks, in four states. Four of the six events counted for points. We only got to attend 4 of them because of some rescheduling issues from rain-outs. David and I both ran the TaG Senior class. It was one of the most competitive classes with 30 different drivers competing in it throughout the series. In the Route 66 Sprint series, we finished 7th and 8th overall in the points. The competition in this series is very serious so we were pretty happy with our results at our first attempt at the TaG class against some very experienced drivers.
Of the racers eligible for points at Mid-state, I finished 1st and David came in a close 2nd overall. The turnouts were a little low but this was the first year for the TaG class at Springfield and there appears to be more drivers switching over for next season. We are both looking forward to racing each other again next year. We plan on running the Route 66 Sprint Series again next season.

As far as the PRD went, it was a learning experience. Other than the weekly maintenance we only had a couple issues, which we now know when to address. With around 11 hours on my engine I lost a head gasket (o-ring) and ran it all that weekend (didn not have a spare) but just kept filling the radiator between races. Davids engine lost the pin in the piston for the ring at around 8 hours & ruined the ring but no other significant damage. A new piston, ring, & hone fixed that. At the end of our season & checked the compression & leak down in both engines and the were as good as when they were new. All we need now is to make the starter work & we will be happy. Thanks to PRD for making TaG racing affordable for us.

Rick/David Worth


First thanks for the email and to you and your wife in getting the clutch to me yesterday. Here is my first impression report... wow.. The clutch worked flawless... such a major improvement compared to the older legacy version. The engagement is greatly improved, percise and predictable. Easily a few tenths or hundredths off my lap time at our local track.

Thanks again
Ken Ichikawa

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